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Poker Addict - by Pegasus


Poker Cartoons to chuckle at

February 6th 2007 04:21
poker cartoon

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Poker Poem

January 22nd 2007 03:05
poker chip
For the Joy of the Game by Pegasus

A sweat bead wiggles down your temple

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Amusing Poker Apparel

January 16th 2007 04:16
poker lounge pants
Oh so stylish Poker Lounge Pants. You're sure to 'draw' the ladies in these!

poker shirt

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Ask Poker Advice Columnists - LOL

January 9th 2007 03:46

Dear Can I Borrow $5 Guy

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Poker Hand Rankings

January 4th 2007 02:10
Royal Flush:

An Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten in the same suit

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Goldie Hawn's other child, Oliver Hudson, may be licking his wounds for awhile after this blind-side beating:

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Poker Cruises

December 27th 2006 03:35
Poker Cruise Ship
Why not combine the fun of poker with the excitement of taking an exotic cruise?

A poker cruise has all the regular cruise amenities plus poker fans can indulge in their favorite card game while onboard

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'God I Love Pocket Jacks'

December 20th 2006 01:40
Here's one poker player's personal story...

"Pocket Jacks

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Cool Poker Chip Tricks

December 15th 2006 03:11
Poker Chips
Chips aren't just for betting anymore. Here are some fun chip tricks to impress your poker buddies with:

Drifter by Anders Lundkvist - Slam a chip onto the surface so that it runs forward and the backspin created will bring the chip back to you

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All bets are on Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi to take the title. He has been unstoppable this whole year, leading the pro poker world.

Poker Player of the Year will come down to 3 tournaments this month

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Updates & News

Ladbrokes – How Good Is Infohub

We typically do our best to remain objective when reviewing the online betting agencies that we evaluate from time to time, but of late, we have found it difficult to be anything other than enthusiastic over Ladbroke’s new feature called InfoHub.

Call us geeks or nerds if you will, but having grown accustomed to the capabilities of the internet over the past two years, and old enough to remember a time when there was no instantaneous source of every imaginable type of information, Ladbroke’s InfoHub has caught our attention to such an extent that we cannot put it down.

The first feature we noticed, one that caused our jaws to drop so low that our knees were bumping our chins, was the simplicity of using InfoHub, a simplicity for which we lack an adequate adjective.

InfoHub, and the vast resources contained therein, is accessed by turning any mobile internet connected device 90 degrees from portrait to landscape orientation. The feature automatically launches for any market where the InfoHub icon is displayed.

From there, punters will have access to an almost exhaustive wealth of information pertaining to most of the betting markets Ladbrokes has on offer. Sports, racing, events major and some minor, all offer in-depth analysis designed with one purpose in mind: giving punters the ability to make the most possibly well-informed wagers.

There will be some excellent opportunities to become familiar with InfoHub, as many major domestic and international codes are presently going full tilt at this early point in 2017. By the time the gallopers start showing up in force in February, racing punters will be ready to wager with an acumen that prior to InfoHub was mostly the sole province of professional punters with copious technological resources and a staff of assistants. Cricket markets are exceedingly well covered, as are soccer leagues and the basketball leagues of Australia, the U.S. and Europe.

The list is expanding all the time.

In just a few months, the AFL and NRL, with their hundreds of weekly markets, will make their InfoHub debut.

As we noted earlier, the simplicity of using InfoHub to assemble wagering information is sheer bliss. After spending some time with InfoHub, we soon found ourselves wishing that our bankers’ and credit card companies’ websites were equally as functional and intuitive to use.

New users, even those who use agencies other than Ladbrokes, will have a similar experience and the proof of the ease of use of InfoHub lies in online videos Ladbrokes has designed to support the launch of the new feature. Most of these videos are less than three minutes in length. That is how easy it is to use.

Several minutes of hands-on experimenting with InfoHub is all it takes to discover which features are most appealing and it is basically impossible to place a real wager in error, so feel free to tap and scroll to your heart’s content. Fill out a bet slip or two just to get the feel of InfoHub, and then clear those selections from the bet slip, unless that is, you want to keep them, in which case, simply add your stake and submit your wager.

We feel that InfoHub will make us better punters, and whilst it is not proper for us to make that claim for anyone else, the one thing of which we can be fairly certain is that other online agencies will soon follow suit and debut their own versions of InfoHub.

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