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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

Poker Addict - August 2006

Stupidity Continues...

August 30th 2006 21:38
I received my tax refund on Tuesday. Knowing what danger I was in - having $5,000 cash in my account - I went on a spending spree. Paid all my bills online and even put money on bills that weren't due for another month or so in an attempt to empty my bank account. But the inevitable occurred and off I went to the club. I was out for 6 hours. And at the end of this time I'd spent $390. I didn't even see a win! Disgraceful. Now it's 2 days later and I've finally managed to empty my account. How sad it is to know that I can't be trusted to have cold cash in my hand. But there it is. The good thing is that this splurge is still stinging. Yesterday and the day before I didn't leave the house. And today I have to go into town. But I'm not going near the club as I haven't any money left which is a good thing. I'm going to try and continue with my "cold turkey" approach. As long as I have a project for myself around 3-5pm daily everything will be Ok. I've started cooking exotic recipes to fill in this time.


Remorse Continues

August 24th 2006 03:30
August 24
Thankfully my remorse has continued into today. I deliberately went and spent my pay early this morning so I wouldn't be tempted to go and blow it on the machines this afternoon. If the government/s (both Federal and State) weren't so dependent upon gambling revenue to fill their fiscal coffers, I wouldn't have this addiction. For goodness sake, earlier this year they forced an increased tax on poker machines onto the clubs (us the punters!). Since this time poker machine winnings have begun their descent into minimal pays - as if they ever paid well! Many people agree. The clubs have subsequently labelled everything in sight with Gambling Anonymous stickers screaming out help line phone numbers. But if the governments were serious about helping problem gamblers they'd take the machines out of the clubs. In WA for example the pokies are where they should be - in the casino. In Canberra they don't allow pokies in their casino - go figure? They are in every pub and club but not in the casino. The agencies that typically assist problem gamblers are not-for-profit organisations like the Salvation Army. These organisations should be funded by the government taxes we pay for playing the machines. But they are financed by the NGOs. This practice seems quite unfair. Anyhow it's really irrelevant, because similar to smoking, now that so many people are affected/addicted the pokies are here to stay. There needs to be a groundswell of public opinion to ensure they are moved out of clubs and pubs and into casinos. It's time for the blood-sucking governments to help break the gambling cycle!

My Poker Machine Addiction

August 24th 2006 03:26
August 22
Written off due to big day on the poker machines. I know - hopeless hey!
August 23
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