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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

Poker Addict - September 2006

Ultimate decision

September 28th 2006 01:20
Well it's time for me to bite the bullet. I'm going to call the Gambling Anonymous no. Not before time really. I thought I could kick the habit on my own. But it's not proving as simple as that. At least these people might have some coping mechanisms that I'm not aware of. Maybe... Anyhow this is my last blog as I'm over ranting about my pathetic addiction. It's time to go and do something about it instead of talking about it.
Good luck.



September 12th 2006 04:43
I've been so good! I haven't touched a machine for 3 whole days. Doesn't sound long I know but hey it's a long time for me. I've been thinking about my failed hypnotherapy treatment that I undertook about a year ago. It cost me $180 for an individual session. The guy took my money and created a CD that was specifically tailored to my poker machine addiction. It didn't work. I was hypnotised. I listened to the CD every night at the same time before I went to sleep. But I kept gambling regardless of the hypnosis CD. Anyway, I've been thinking that perhaps I should try it again now that I'm serious about shaking this addiction for good. The hypnotherapist visits here about once every 6 months so he's about due to visit again pretty soon. Hopefully this time I can use the CD to its full advantage. I wonder about other people's experiences with hypnosis? A lot of local people attended the group therapy where he hypnotised people who wanted to lose weight and give up smoking. But I never followed up their results.

Alcohol issues

September 7th 2006 04:19
Thinking about my sporadic foray into the gambling world makes me think I may have it all wrong. Could it be that as a result of wanting to drink I started to gamble. Playing a poker machine does after all legitimise a woman drinking on her own during the day. For example, if I wanted a drink and didn't gamble how suss would I look sitting on my own in a club? Very. But. If I have a drink while I'm playing a machine then I don't look so much like a target. Then again, if I'm at home and I have a drink I still feel like a want to gamble so that sort of destroys my theory. But for the past two days I haven't drunk or gambled. So perhaps I can redeem myself. Perhaps I'm simply bored. And if I had full-time work things would change? Or maybe I'd just put more money in the machines. The main thing this week is to stay off the machines. And do what Phil suggested and decrease my credit card limit. I'm going to do this now.

Credit Card Access

September 4th 2006 00:07
I've spent my $5k tax cheque finally. Paid all my bills up. I did spend a bit on the pokies but I didn't start on them till my bills were paid, so I feel OK about that. I could have displayed a bit more will power but was happy with how the week panned out. The best bit is that now I have no cash left I won't be thinking about going and slapping it. In the meantime I just have to leave the credit card alone. I paid a big chunk of that off; the problem with that is that it gives me more to play with. I think I'll give it to my sister so that I don't touch it. No that won't work as it's linked to my bank account. Bummer. May have to consider paying it right off and then chopping it up. I've only kept it for emergencies but I don't really need it. Just another part of denial I suppose. If I pretend I need it for emergencies then I get to keep it for other things like gambling. I was pretty happy that I paid so much off it. But that won't matter if I start on it again...

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