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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

Do You Want to WIN at Poker Online

November 11th 2006 01:52
Poker Table Image
Playing poker online can be won by you, now. There are numerous sites out there that are free and fun, and most importantly, will allow you to hone your skills. They will also most likely have "Training Tables" and links where you can learn the rules of the game, if need be.

Personally, I like playing Limit Texas Hold 'Em. After utilising the training tables and feeling comfortable that you kinda know what you're doing, find a game table with not too many other players. This is because the more competition you have, the more chance there is that one of them will be able to beat you! Sometimes I'll hold back a bit before joining in to see how the others' style of play is. Are they big betters or timid? Keeping this in mind, its time to jump in.

What I have found that works for me is to be a rather aggressive player. If you've got nothing, but have decided to bluff anyway, try to get a feel for how the others are going to play it. Are they just 'limping in' with small bets or, better yet, just 'checking' you? I would then make large bets and never let up. You'd be amazed at how many people will get scared off by this tactic. But you have to be strong and not back down because if the other players get a sense of weakness, or hesitation or worse - figure out that you're a confirmed bluffer -its over. They'll smell a rat and it will be difficult to fool them again. If you do get found out, its time to high-tail it from that table and find another one to join.

If you want to practice your poker skills you could try
Good luck!
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7 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by ThomasM

November 12th 2006 16:38
Hey Pegasus....Texas Holdem always beats me for some reason...well....Let's just say I suck at it. With your first post I thought maybe you'd enjoy my person of the day at Squidoo....She was yesterday's so I'll have to get someone new today but I'll leave it up for a while if you wanna check ol Marge out...LOL

Comment by pegasus

November 12th 2006 17:29
Hi ThomasM, I did check out your person of the day, Marge Simpson. Great choice, for sure!

Comment by AnthonyB

November 30th 2006 22:59
Interesting post. I love poker. I use these crazy betting tactics and almost always fold if I have a dodgy hand. I'm going to now to see what I can learn...
Great work - love the post !. By the way, do you like Greek mythology? Perhaps Hercules' flying unicorn thing?

Comment by pegasus

November 30th 2006 23:09
Hi Anthony,

You'll have fun on partypoker, I 'bet' (sorry).

Yes, I like the winged horse Pegasus from Greek mythology. i chose this as my nickname because my name is Peggy (or Peg for short). Aren't I clever?

In Greek mythology, Pegasus' parents are Poseidon & watch out!

Talk to you later!

Comment by AnthonyB

December 1st 2006 02:26
Snakes and fish... Good work. I didn't realise Pegasus had parents. You learn something new every day. I thought that was very clever. The closest mythological being to my own name would be Antony from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Still haven't read it. Do you know who he was?

Comment by pegasus

December 1st 2006 03:04
Here are a couple quotes for you:

O! my oblivion is a very Antony,
And I am all forgotten.
Antony and Cleopatra, 1. 3

Give me to drink mandragora…
That I might sleep this out this great gap of time
My Antony is away.
Antony and Cleopatra, 1. 5

Comment by AnthonyB

December 1st 2006 05:18
Bit of a casanova, hey? I like this guy. Thank you for the quotes. I'll have to read it. Have you played Hercules on the original Playstation? Brilliant game. Pegasus is in it. It was my very first console game.

Great blog !! Keep it up!

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