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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

Hints for Winning Poker

November 19th 2006 02:52
Poker Chips
Good Luck
You've got a great what? First, don't get too excited and scare off the other players. What good is your hand full of aces if everyone folds on you right away. Don't scare them off, ok? What I mean by that is don't suddenly 'bet the farm'. Take it easy. Maybe just limp in by simply calling whatever meager bet the others are making or you could even just check if that's what everybody else is doing. Once you got them where you want them -putting money in the pot- its time to Strike! Start upping your bets, the sky's the limit. Hey, how often do you get a great hand like that. So go for it. Hopefully someone will raise your bet and then you can re-raise to get more moola out of them. All this big betting might make all the other players fold, but hey by this point you did manage to get a good chunk of change in the pot, so its all good.

Or, if one of more players are still in the game, you've got a good chance of taking it all.
Good luck.

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Comment by Adrienne

November 21st 2006 02:04
Good post! I need to learn to play poker

Comment by pegasus

November 21st 2006 02:12
HI Adrienne,

Glad you like it!

Have you ever been to Vegas? I went for New Years a few years ago. It was a blast.

Comment by The Daily Sonnet

December 16th 2006 20:09
I never limp with aces. Never. If everyone is allowed to play, then someone will probably catch 2 pair or get a set with a pair on the board or possibly catch a straight or flush. It's much better to isolate a couple of people who think they might have better pocket cards than you do.

Comment by pegasus

December 16th 2006 20:38
Good advice, Sonnet.
I'm thinking of opening this blog up to other writers. Would you like to write a post?

Comment by The Daily Sonnet

December 17th 2006 05:11
Thanks for your offer - but I've already got my own little poker blog outside of Orble. I'm also on quite a lousy streak over the past few days.

If you want to see my blog, it's the first one on my blogroll.

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