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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

Cool Poker Chip Tricks

December 15th 2006 03:11
Poker Chips
Chips aren't just for betting anymore. Here are some fun chip tricks to impress your poker buddies with:

Drifter by Anders Lundkvist - Slam a chip onto the surface so that it runs forward and the backspin created will bring the chip back to you.

One chip needed plus a stack of chips.

Take a chip between your thumb and index finger. Slam the chip on to the table. When done right, this should propel the chip forward, but with backspin so it will go round the stack and come back.

Mexican Jumping Chip by Benji “The Ace” Jaimes - Make a chip “jump” from one stack of chips to another.

First you get a stack of about 8 chips. Two different colors looks better and is highly recommended.
Then you pick up half the stack (which is 4). As you pick up the fourth chip grab the chip under it (5th chip) and slide it a little less that half way over the stack.
Then as you bring the other stack of 4 chips to the right slam down on the poker chip which is hanging off of the stack still on the table.
The chip will flip onto the 4 chip stack which you just slammed down.
This will take awhile to practice in order to develop how hard you should hit it. It also depends on how many chips you have (if using more than 8 total poker chips).

Around the Clock by Jiro Yoshikawa - Take a chip all the way around your index finger and flip it back into place.

Start off doing the drop-down like in the twirl.
Take the middle chip with your ring and middle fingers (position of this fingers are the same as in the twirl) around your index finger, by pulling your index finger down and moving your middle and ring fingers up.
Roll the middle chip above your index finger and start putting pressure on the chip with your index finger.
If you do it right, the chip will spin back in to position. The chip might spin back fast and with a little jump in it.

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