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Poker Addict - by Pegasus

My Poker Machine Addiction

August 24th 2006 03:26
August 22
Written off due to big day on the poker machines. I know - hopeless hey!
August 23
Today Iím experiencing poker machine remorse. Itís where you spend hours trying to win a jackpot; blow all your bucks and head home. Sometimes pissed. Then the following day you look at the massive dent in your bank balance, feel remorseful and promise yourself faithfully youíll never do it again. Itís all about those stupid bloody features. I mean how annoying that I even get sucked in by them. Take for example the Queen of the Nile poker machine. According to statistics this is the most popular poker machine in Australia. Imagine spending half an hour out of my short life sitting in from of this machine waiting for three simple looking pyramids to appear. Only then to be savagely disappointed when they donít ďpayĒ me. As I write this down I feel really embarrassed. It feels even more stupid writing about it than it does doing it. So back to those blasted features. As you may or may not know some of them have jackpots attached to them. The highest one is in the realm of $75,000. I know one woman who won it. And another who won about $25,000. Iím not silly enough to believe that I will win one of these (but I might!). However, the smaller jackpots Ė say around the $100 mark Ė these ones believe I have a shot at. Attempting to crack a jackpot however is very damaging to oneís pocket. Yesterday for instance my sister and I were attempting to crack one. I put about $30 in and she must have put about $40 in it. There you go: we wasted $70 trying to win $100; go figure? Writing this down I realize how pathetic it must sound to people who donít gamble. But what can I say: itís all part of the addiction. Tomorrow: Shifting the blame to governments!

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Comment by phil

August 24th 2006 08:51
I enjoy a gamble myself, but I like to play roulette or blackjack at the casino, or to bet on football or horses when I think the odds being offered are good. Before playing blackjack I spend ages learning how to play the perfect game and beat the odds. I bet on football when I'm sure a team will win when the TAB have them as underdogs.
One thing I'm hoping you could shed some light on is people who like the pokie machines. To me they're just a machine programmed to take your money, there's no way I can think of to play smart and beat the odds. I'm not trying to judge you or anything as I have lost big money at the casino myself, I'm just interested.

Comment by Kylie

August 24th 2006 09:13
Hi Phil, nice to have a response to my posting. I suppose it's the same as any gambling habit. If you've had a win before hand then you believe you can do it again. And yes as an educated person I take your point about the fact that the machines are programmed to take your money. I think in my case it my also be compounded by the fact that I'm a bit lonely and bored. And if you are female - and play the pokies - it's a legitimate way of being out on your own. For example, if you're playing the machines and having a drink it's "OK" and you aren't just a single woman hanging out alone in a club. Anyhow I know what you're saying about the learning side of things. I've just recently started playing Roulette. I'm intrigued about the actual odds and the whole thing in general. It's certainly a lot more stimulating than pokies. Nice to chat to you.

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